April 8, 2020

British Columbia’s Inaugural Grow The Game® Women’s Roundtable Launches

Vancouver, B.C. - The Vancouver Basketball Foundation™ is launching the first Grow The Game® Women's Roundtable in British Columbia. The COVID-19 situation has undeniably impacted the way we have lived the last few weeks. While we are being encouraged to stay connected with friends and family we also have the opportunity to develop professionally and for our communities. As one of our Board Members, Mitra, shared, "Obstacles are what you see ONLY when you take your eyes off the prize."

With this in mind, The Vancouver Basketball Foundation™ will be hosting the Inaugural Grow The Game® Women’s Roundtable led by Allison McNeill this week digitally. We want to provide women with a digital community that can serve as a place for meaningful conversations, growth and COMMUNITY IMPACT. This is launching during COVID-19 and will live on for years to come as we Grow The Game® in this country. We're so excited to have you in this inner circle of Women's Basketball Leadership and look forward to Friday.

We welcome speaker suggestions, new ideas for programs for girls' basketball and general development programs and expect, frankly, feedback and work sessions to come out of these roundtable experiences. We are here to connect and serve the girls in BC through tangible impact as a result of this leadership group.


Each month, we will be sharing information and our network with each of you. We are proud partners and connectors of our global game with Board Members and Advisors in the NBA, WNBA, Brand Jordan, TED Talks, Para-Sport and across a multitude of private enterprise businesses that we believe will bring value and insight to your roles as coaches and leaders. Expect discussion, a presenter from one of the organizations shown below and community connection to continue to Grow The Game® in British Columbia. Our focus is YOU and your team, their growth and inventing programs that serve female leadership in sport as well as the girls we are providing opportunities for. Ideas, Knowledge, Conversation and Community Connection should be expected.

Grow The Game® Women's Roundtable 001 - Allison McNeill

A Salmon Arm native, Allison played collegiate basketball at Laurentian University where she captured two (2) National Championships & then transferred to the University of Oregon as their starting guard. She was with the Canadian Women’s National Team for 16 years and Head Coach for 11 years. She was the Head Coach at SFU for 13 years with a 363-79 overall record & the Associate Head Coach at the University of Oregon from 2001-2005. She is a member of both the Simon Fraser University & B.C. Sports Hall of Fame. More on her during the event!

Want to get involved or attend? Email Megan at megan@vancouverbasketball.org