September 26, 2020

The Inaugural STRONGHER™ Program launches in Vancouver Lower Mainland

Vancouver, British Columbia - This past week, The Vancouver Basketball Foundation™ had 35+ athletes and leaders from Girls Who LEAP and the Vancity Junior All-Native Team participate in the Inaugural STRONGHER™ Program. In partnership with Face of Today Foundation, STRONGHER™ will run a free strength program for eight weeks.    

STRONGHER™ is an inclusive strength program for self-identifying young, adolescent women. This program will encourage confidence and competence in every aspect of strength training, with the long-term goal to inspire a life-long passion for active wellness. In a supportive and safe female-identified environment, participants will challenge themselves physically and mentally, while developing confidence and leadership skills.

STRONGHER™ is open to any self-identifying young women including Indigenous, two-spirited, non-binary, LGBTQQIA+, vulnerable and at-risk youth in BC communities. All of our coaches and leaders are  women, certified in their respected profession, adhering to the Responsible Coaches Movement.                        


If you are interested in sponsoring, participating, or volunteering with STRONGHER™ Programs please email VP of Community Impact, Megan Pinske, at