May 16, 2019

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Hoopfest with BC Wheelchair Basketball

Vancouver, May 16, 2019 - The Vancouver Basketball Foundation™ proudly supports The BC Wheelchair Basketball Society and their mission to provide experiences that inspire inclusion, participation and excellence through wheelchair basketball. To show that commitment, the Foundation participated in the 25th Anniversary of the Hoopfest wheelchair basketball tournament at the Richmond Olympic Oval.

The Vancouver Basketball Foundation team was comprised of the hosts from the Dropping Dimes podcast, staff from the Night Hoops Basketball Society, and a couple ringers named Demitri Harris and Clay Crelin. The tournament hosted government, corporate, and community teams who were coached by current and former members of the Nation Wheelchair Basketball Team.

Funds raised from the Hoopfest tournament allow BC Wheelchair Basketball to continue to run programs, leagues, and tournament, purchase chairs and equipment, and advocate for inclusive physical activity opportunities in BC.

The Foundation team had a strong start to the tournament as finishing on the fast break was a strength of the team. Stopping, however, was not a strength. Before dinner, the Foundation team squared off against the eventual Champions from the Surrey Fire Department. They put on a 2-3 zone that was absolutely dominant. They squared up, locked their wheels, and kept everyone outside the three point line.

Despite a tough draw that also included the Vancouver Police Department, the tournament was an amazing amount of fun for all participants and the Foundation team is already training for next year.