May 13, 2023

Grow The Game® Roundtable, WNBA Watch Party!

May 13, 2023 - The Vancouver Basketball Foundation™ kicked off our first Grow The Game® Roundtable of 2023 hosted at Courtside! This was a historic day as we came together to celebrate the first WNBA Canada pre-season game. Toronto was buzzing with excitement as WNBA teams played in front of a sold out stadium but the cheers were loud from Vancouver too! Every Grow The Game® Roundtable member received a Slam Canada Kia Nurse magazine, a Nike hoodie that they got to customize with The Vancouver Basketball Foundation™ and local hoop badges and delicious Courtsides food and drinks!

Grow The Game® Roundtable is committed to providing coaches and leaders with a community that serves as a place for meaningful conversation, growth and community impact! We are proud partners and connectors of our global game with Board Members and Advisors in the NBA, WNBA, Brand Jordan, TED Talks, Para-Sport and across a multitude of private enterprise businesses that we believe will bring value and insight to our community of leaders.

Want to joining our Grow The Game® Roundtable community? Email Megan Pinske at